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About Us


All of our senior management team has had extensive experience advising the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and other civil aviation authorities throughout the world, as well as global private sector enterprises.

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David Weingart


Expert in aviation policy, strategic planning and airport capital improvement programs. Former FAA senior executive with extensive experience in the agency's funding structures and strategic initiatives.

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Chris A. Frankel

Board Secretary and Executive Vice President

Expert in airline business strategy, network management, fleet planning, alliances, restructuring, and airport air service development. Recognized authority on strategic planning, finance and investment for air carriers worldwide.

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Frank Berardino

Executive Vice President

Expert in the economics and financing of airlines, airports and related industries, as well as public policy issues that affect them. Leading authority on impact of aviation regulations and investments, privatization, restructuring, fleet modernization, airport congestion management and slot allocation.

Professional Staff

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Xuegao An, Ph.D.

Senior Operations Research Analyst

Expert in software development, customized web-based server applications and SQL programming. Provides support to FAA's National Airspace System data management operations with database design, administration and analytics.

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Belise Bwiza

Research Analyst

Experienced in data analysis, statistics and business analysis. Focused on supporting diverse client projects through research and analytical approaches to problem solving.

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Melina Foust


Experienced in advanced analytics, data science, and technical writing. Focused on providing clients with data-driven results via programming and data visualizations.

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Aswin Gunnam


Experienced in Air Traffic Management (ATM) performance analysis, aviation data analytics and airspace simulations. Provides support to FAA's Office of Performance Analysis with ATM efficiency metrics and developing efficiency dashboards for Air Traffic Organization.

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Gregson Helledy

Financial Analyst

Expert in financial analysis and cost modeling with particular expertise in integrating cost accounting and activity data to support investment and regulatory decisions.

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Arman Izadi


Arman Izadi, Senior Data Scientist: Experienced in modeling, simulating, and optimizing air transportation systems. Focused on improving the safety and efficiency of flight operations in the National Airspace System.

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Benjamin Kurland


Data scientist and machine learning engineer with in-depth experience building models, implementing algorithms, increasing automation, optimizing processes, and writing documentation. Supports FAA’s Office of Performance Analysis in writing software and developing dashboards and other visualization tools to measure the efficiency of the National Airspace System.

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Jin Li


Experienced in interactive dashboard and automated reporting, machine learning and natural language processing. Focusing on creating advanced analytics products to make National Airspace System operate even more efficiently.

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Mitchell O'Connor


Expert in economic and regulatory impact assessments, air service development, and airport rates and charges. Leads economic, policy and strategic analyses for public and private sector clients.

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Joseph Phillips

Senior Systems Analyst

Expert in transportation databases, using a wide variety of computer languages and applications for airline, airport and air traffic control analyses. Extensive experience in aviation mapping using GIS software.

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Ana Rodriguez


Experienced in air transport policy and planning analysis as well as management of FAA's operations and performance data.

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William Spitz, Ph.D.

Chief Economist

Expert in development of statistical and econometric models and software applied to the study of various air transportation issues including network analysis, airport activity, airline financial planning, and transportation mode choice.

Senior Associates

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Richard Golaszewski

Senior Associate

Expert in air transport economics, safety, and public policy who has written and testified extensively on these issues. Recognized authority on regulatory impact and benefit-cost analysis, airport and air traffic control investments, economic impact assessments, and airline competition.

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Donald S. Garvett

Senior Revenue Enhancement Expert

Served as an officer at four airlines and as a consultant to 75 airlines and 100 other aviation and travel/tourism-related clients. Extensive airline experience in revenue enhancement, alliances, marketing/sales/commercial and distribution. Former Vice President of Planning and Revenue Management for Alaska Airlines, South African Airways and Pan American World Airways.

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Fred J. Klein

Senior Asset Valuation Expert

Senior ISTAT Appraiser and former ISTAT Board Member. Extensive experience in asset valuations, residual value forecasting, operating and finance lease negotiations, risk assessment, problem deal workouts and equipment sales. MBA degree from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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William Lange

Senior Operations and Maintenance Expert

Thirty years of leadership experience in airline maintenance, operations, training, safety management and regulatory oversight. Served as resident advisor to Chairman of Saudi Civil Aviation Authority and held senior executive positions at Compass Airlines, Atlantic Coast Airlines and World Airways. BS, MS and Engineers degrees from MIT in aeronautics and astronautics.

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Bruce Nobles

Airline CEO, Finance and Restructuring Expert

Experienced senior finance and restructuring expert and CEO of several airlines. Significant experience driving cost reductions within distressed or restructuring situations. Served as CEO and CFO of start-up scheduled airline in Myanmar, co-lead in 5-year strategic and restructuring plan for established Central Asia airline, and President, CEO and Chief Restructuring Officer of major Caribbean airline. MBA degree from the University of Southern California.

Jerome Bentley, Ph.D.


Extensive experience in a wide range of economic analysis with applied research studies conducted on numerous issues including air traffic markets, airline ancillary fees, effects of liberalizing restrictions on direct foreign investment in the airline industry, and use of GIS technologies for mapping airports.