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Areas of Practice: Suppliers


GRA supports suppliers to airlines, airports, air traffic management systems and aerospace firms in the assessment of new market opportunities and the evaluation of other companies and industry segments that they work with. GRA has reviewed the prospects of new product and service offerings, including new aircraft types, aircraft maintenance facilities, advanced avionics and other equipment, and aircraft components.

Because of our familiarity with regulatory authorities and their operations, GRA is often retained by private firms to provide guidance on regulatory issues. Typical assignments have included:

  • Certification of new aircraft, aircraft components, and airline suppliers
  • Counsel to industry associations on regulatory and policy matters
  • Determining regulatory hurdles to the commercialization of new technologies

GRA helps suppliers capitalize on new opportunities by: 

  • Evaluating the opportunity within the client’s and customer’s business strategies
  • Assessing demand and modeling the operational and financial implications of expanded product and service offerings
  • Anticipating the effects of competitors’ reaction

Many of GRA’s projects for suppliers involve forecasting aviation activity, financial variables and market share of particular technologies. Our forecasts are based on a firm understanding of the underlying processes being modeled and the relationships between them, providing our clients with a sound basis for business, investment and other strategic decisions.