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Our Areas of Practice

Since its founding in 1973, GRA's focus has been transportation economics. Early work broke ground in the analysis of railroad and surface freight industries. With the shift to full concentration on air transport economics in the 1980s, our range of services was refined and since then our core practice has continually adapted to meet the changing needs and challenges of the air transportation industry, related businesses and regulatory agencies.

Research & Analytics Services

  • Airlines

    Business strategy, investments, network analysis, fleet planning, cargo services, air charter and air taxi industry analysis.

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  • Airports

    Aviation forecasting, economic impact analysis, new air service development, business modeling, benefit-cost analysis, capital budgeting.

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  • Air Traffic Management

    Modernization initiatives, Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), funding, activity and cost modeling, system structural review.

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  • Economic and Regulatory Analysis

    Cost allocation and recovery, investment criteria, regulatory impact, safety and environmental analysis.

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  • Financial Analysis

    Asset valuation, credit and risk analysis, transaction structuring and pricing assessment.

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  • Suppliers

    New market opportunities, new product certification, demand modeling.

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  • Future of Aviation

    Research into sustainable zero- or low-emission technologies for the future of aviation.

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  • Litigation Support

    Expert testimony, antitrust and competition analysis, airline-airport disputes, estimation of damages.

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