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Areas of Practice: Airlines


GRA’s airline practice provides strategic advisory services to carriers, financial intermediaries and other related parties. Our areas of expertise include network analysis, financial restructuring, bankruptcy proceedings, privatization and new opportunities analysis.

GRA performs valuation of selected assets such as aircraft fleets and delivery positions, route authorities, airport gates, and landing and take-off slots.

  • The liberalization and/or deregulation of aviation markets have created opportunities for carriers to reassess their network strategies. Using specialized tools, GRA helps airlines evaluate the market share and revenue benefits of alternative network strategies including rescheduling hub banks, forming alliances with new partners or merging with other carriers. We have extensive experience in conducting due diligence analysis for airline mergers and acquisitions, both within the U.S. and internationally.  
  • Because the airline industry is cyclical, financiers and financial institutions face considerable challenges in making secure long-term commitments. Yet commercial aircraft have traditionally been among the most attractive assets in the portfolios held by leasing companies, commercial banks, insurance companies and merchant banks. The airline industry faces three important challenges which may change the security of these assets: industry consolidation, more stringent environmental rules, and globalization. GRA offers the economic, financial and statistical modeling expertise required to analyze the impact of these complex issues and develop strategic responses.

The seasoned skills of GRA’s team and our analytic capabilities are highly valued by key players in the airline industry worldwide, whether addressing challenges or approaching new opportunities. The firm has recent project experience in all regions of the world.