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Areas of Practice: Airports


GRA provides air service development and related services to airports, advises governing authorities on airport policy, and has authored multiple research reports on the airport industry.

GRA’s airport clients include U.S. airports of various sizes, with roles from multiple-airline hubs to spokes. GRA has a proven history of gaining new international and domestic air service through its air service development practice. GRA has also provided its airport clients with:

  • Detailed forecasts of passenger traffic levels during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Risk and strategic analyses of airline mergers and consolidation on service levels
  • Economic impact reports
  • Air cargo strategic analyses
  • Negotiating and implementing bilateral aviation agreements and frequency allocations
  • Air service incentive plan development
  • Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP) grant support

GRA provides airport regulation and policy expertise to the FAA, U.S. Department of Transportation, and other entities, including:

  • The economic and financial feasibility of recent airport privatization efforts in the United States, including Paine Field, San Juan, and currently active projects
  • Policy guidance and program support for FAA’s Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) program
  • The impacts of closing general aviation airports
  • The forgone benefits if airport capacity was not expanded in Hong Kong
  • Airport benefit-cost analysis guidance

The Transportation Research Board’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) is an industry-driven, applied research program that develops near-term, practical solutions to airport challenges. GRA has authored a number of ACRP reports, with topics including:

  • Air Service Incentives (ACRP Report 218)
  • Incorporating Climate Change Risk Into BCAs (ACRP Report 199)
  • Effects of Airline Industry Changes on Small- and Non-Hub Airports (ACRP Report 142)
  • Impact of Jet Fuel Price Uncertainty on Airport Planning and Development (ACRP Report 48)