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Areas of Practice: Litigation Support


GRA has supported numerous clients in litigation matters, including antitrust analysis, airport development, asset valuation, market definition, and estimates of damages. The types of support range from investigating disputed key issues to preparation of oral and written testimony.

In addition to GRA’s extensive experience in preparing expert testimony for aviation-related matters, the firm has also provided litigation support for supplier industries, railroads, and other modes of transportation. Examples of our litigation work include:

  • In the airline sector, we have examined issues related to antitrust, competition, market definition, computer reservation systems, commercial damages, and labor
  • Written testimony in Europe on the consumer benefits of unbiased search and transactions for airline tickets in Global Distribution Systems
  • The firm has supported airport clients in the areas of appropriate landing fee levels, the business case for airport development, competition among fixed-base operators, and airline-airport disputes
  • In the railroad industry, we have worked with clients on a range of issues including predatory pricing, rail mergers, rail rates, valuations of railroads, rail lines, freight cars and other assets, and bankruptcy

For each litigation assignment, GRA assembles a team from its highly experienced staff of economists and industry experts, and adding, as needed, the expertise of leading academics and other sector specialists.