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Economic Impact of General Aviation Airports

In 2011, the FAA launched a comprehensive study of general aviation airports with the purpose of assessing their economic impact and the role they play in the national airport system. GRA provided critical support in research and analysis to the FAA, with the results of the study published in May 2012.

Read the report General Aviation Airports: A National Asset »

Houston Airport System

In 2011, HAS requested an economic impact analysis of the three airports it operates, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, William P. Hobby Airport, and Ellington Airport. GRA examined the economic effects of the airports both on and off the airfields, including visitor expenditures, wages respent throughout the local economy, and detailed airport activity. Using state-of-the-art economic models, GRA determined the employment, earnings, and output impacts, concluding the total economic impact of HAS airports was $27 billion.

Read the report Houston Airport System Economic Impact Study »

Federal Aviation Administration


The FAA began a rulemaking process in 2009 to amend existing flight, duty and rest regulations applicable to flightcrew members of passenger air carriers governed by Part 121 of U.S. federal aviation regulations (14 CFR 121). The goals were to recognize factors leading to fatigue, eliminate distinctions between different types of operations, and create regulations that would limit fatigue risks based on the most recent scientific knowledge. GRA assisted the FAA throughout the rulemaking process, using proprietary models to estimate benefits and costs of the proposed regulations, including the cost impact on crew scheduling and expenditures that would be required to install or upgrade rest facilities on different types of aircraft. The series of analyses enabled the agency to revise the regulations to ensure benefits would exceed costs. GRA also assisted the FAA in developing a concise, transparent regulatory impact report documenting the results of the benefit-cost analyses. The final rule, Flightcrew Member Duty and Rest Requirements, was issued January 4, 2012.

Read the rule and supporting documentation at, Docket FAA-2009-1093 »

Transportation Research Board, Airport Cooperative Research Program

GRA has conducted several studies for ACRP, including:

Effects of Airline Industry Changes on Small- and Non-Hub Airports

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Impact of Jet Fuel Price Uncertainty on Airport Planning and Development

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Airport Aviation Activity Forecasting: A Synthesis of Airport Practice

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Airports and the Newest Generation of General Aviation Aircraft

Volume 1: Forecast. Volume 2: Guidebook

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How Proposed ARFF [Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting] Standards Would Impact Airports

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